Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope – Best Toy for Your Infant!

If you have got a newborn you know that it is really difficult to find out time to research on some of the good educational toys you can get for your newborn. In recent times with so many options, it becomes really difficult to find out whether a given toy is good for the age group provided on the toy. Even though the label would inform you that the toy is good for newborns it may be too advance and your kid may not even like it.

Baby Einstein Color Kaleidoscope


I have bought several toys for my son and found out that he enjoyed some toys in particular. Although he liked many toys, he loved Baby Einstein color kaleidoscope. He enjoyed it when he was about 3 months till today when he is about 8 months. The toy is absolutely worth buying for your kid.

At target you can get the Baby Einstein color kaleidoscope for only ~$12.99(google). The price is really low considering how much your newborn would love the toy.

What does the toy teach your kid?

At small age the toy is very good for learning cause and effect, colors and motor skills. There are three primary colors on three handles and each have a button on the handle. When one of the primary color handles is pressed, the same primary color lights up on the toy and music plays. When buttons of two primary colors are pressed together, the blend of two primary colors, a secondary color lights up and plays music. The kid around 3-4 months would enjoy the music and light.

At older age the toy can be used to learn the primary colors and secondary colors. You can also teach how two primary colors mix to create secondary colors. The toy also speaks the name of the color in English, Spanish and French. So it is possible to teach your kid name of the color in three different languages.

The price of the product does not do justice to the several ways the toy can help your kid’s development.

Overall the toy is durable and can handle moderate rough use in you kid’s hands. The toy is worth its value and a must buy for all parents. It could also be a very good gift for a baby shower. I would give Baby Einstein color kaleidoscope a five-star rating and hope your child enjoys it for a long time.

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